My main source of inspiration and renewal, in life as well as art, has always been natural spaces. What interests me is the complexity of the space, the constant transformations taking place that are impossible to make material. So in the imaginary landscapes I draw, there is always movement and ambiguity. My training in designing typefaces has heightened my awareness of how the edges between things define our physical world, of how we perceive space through our recognition of contrast and texture. I think this way of seeing is one of the keys to the mystery of how we create correspondences between, say, an abstract brushstroke and a memory of a babbling brook. I'm interested in leaving the means of illusion, the maker's marks, visible to the viewer, whom I think of as a traveler in my paintings. 

Today artists are frequently asked how their work relates to society's problems, or how it benefits the entire community. My ideas on this are definitely old-school. I believe in tao—an unchanging constancy informing life—and that beauty is a path to its healing power.

Current Show

60 WuXing Snapshots

At the Foundry Annex, Corvallis Oregon

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