Current show: Out of the Drawers, a group show of prints and drawings at Gallery i.e., Edison, WA.

My main source of inspiration and renewal, in life as well as art, has always been natural spaces, so I simply try to create beautiful places in my paintings. What interests me is the complexity of nature, the constant transformations taking place that are impossible to make material, so in the imaginary landscapes I draw, there is always movement and ambiguity. Two influences in my work are: my training in designing typefaces, which has heightened my awareness of how the edges and spaces between things define our physical world; and the simultaneous opulence and minimalism that I think characterizes Chinese brush painting. Somehow these two spheres come together in what I do. I think this way of seeing is one of the keys to the mystery of how we create correspondences between, say, an abstract brushstroke and a memory of a babbling brook. I'm interested in leaving the means of illusion, the maker's marks, quite apparent to the viewer, whom I think of as a traveler in my paintings. Although I do a lot of plein air drawing to refurbish my visual memory bank, I like to work on the edge of abstraction in my paintings.