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Announcement regarding Cullom Gallery

Cullom Gallery has closed its doors as gallerist Beth Cullom prioritizes health and family during medical treatment. Beth Cullom's support and advice has been invaluable to me for the past two-plus years and I look forward to her friendship for many years to come. Please contact Juliet Shen at any time for a portfolio presentation or studio visit. 

2015 Tacoma Art Museum acquisition

Thank you, Tacoma Art Museum, for acquiring the suite of drawings, "Four Views of Mt. Rainier" for your permanent collection. Mt. Rainier 2 is part of the special exhibition Northwest in the West: Exploring Our Roots. Through January 10, 2016.

Recipient of June 2015 support grant

Thanks to for one of their shot-in-the-arm artist grants. It will be put to good use! 

Artist Residency at Willapa Bay AiR in May 2015

I am excited and privileged to have spent four weeks in May as a guest artist at the Willapa Bay AiR. This is as close as it gets to paradise for me—food and lodging plus a studio to work in, all in a beautiful natural area of Washington where a two-mile wide peninsula at the mouth of the Columbia River runs parallel to the coast for 20 miles. On one side is the mighty Pacific and on the other, the marshlands and water of Willapa Bay, a wildlife refuge.