November 19, 2022–January 15, 2023

80 Days in August

AMcE Creative Arts, Seattle, WA
Group show of Duwamish River Artists Residency
November 4–27, 2022

Life from Decay

Vashon Center for the Arts, Vashon, WA
October 2, 2022–January 28, 2023

Willapa Bay AiR Alumni

The Lakeshore, Seattle/Renton, WA
Group show of Willapa Bay Artist Residency alumni
September 7–18, 2022

A Fecund Forest

The Garage Studio Gallery, Seattle, WA
March 2–May 9, 2022

Solo Exhibition of Recent Work

Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Tacoma, WA
February 2022

Annual Juried Group Show

Gallery 110, Seattle, WA
January 2022

Juliet Shen: New Landscapes

University of Washington Elisabeth C. Miller Library
June 2021–October 2021

Free for All

Group show, The Lakeshore, Seattle

Sheltering in the Studio 

Group show, Ida Culver House, Broadview, Seattle
November 2020–January 2021

Earth, Wind and Fire

Group show, Ida Culver House, Broadview, Seattle
November 21–December 19, 2019

Log noun (1) often attributive (loosely interpreted) 

BallardWorks, Seattle, Invitational Group Show
June 26–August 11, 2019

CoDraw Seattle

Columbia City Gallery, Seattle.
Group show of cooperative drawings by 15 artists.
November 10–December 4, 2018:


Atlas Arts, Ballard.
Paintings and drawings inspired by the course of events in our waters.
June 1–July 23, 2018: 

Adobe Waterfront Gallery

Paintings from 2013–2018. 
March 12, 2018: 

Tukwila Fine Arts Show Prize

Hyporheic Zone awarded First Prize in
Our Native Environmen entry category.
Tukwila Community Center.
January 31–March 16, 2018:

On the other hand: Text in abstraction

North Seattle College Art Gallery.
Curated by Amanda Knowles.
August, 2017–February, 2018: 

New Paintings at Urban Hardwoods

2101 First Avenue (corner of Lenora St)
Seattle, WA
October 13, 2016–April 28, 2017:

Russia, Mother Russia

Group show curated by Chris Crites
Shoreline Public Art gallery
17500 Midvale Ave N
Shoreline, WA
August 12–September 17, 2016:

Into the Woods

Gallery i.e., 5800 Cains Ct
Edison, Washington
July 1–August 7, 2016:

Out of Drawers

Gallery i.e., 5800 Cains Ct
Edison, Washington
May 16–June 11, 2016:

60 WuXing Snapshots

Foundry Annex, 354 SW Madison Ave
Corvallis, Oregon
Sixty small paintings of wood, fire, earth, metal or water—the five forces (WuXing) of Chinese cosmology.
October 10–November 7, 2015:


Studio e gallery
609 South Brandon St, Seattle, WA 98108
Brush and ink paintings exploring what may be underneath, inside of, on top of, and left behind by water in a littoral region. Exhibition catalog available here ( 
August 12–November 30, 2015:

24 Years of Chinese New Year Cards

Twenty-four years of Chinese New Year cards were exhibited at the TypeCon Conference, Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. The exhibit moved to the School of Visual Concepts, 2300 Seventh Ave, Seattle, October though November, 2015.
March 5–26, 2015:

The Duwamish Residency: Process and Artifacts

101 Prefontaine Place South  Seattle, WA 98104
A group exhibition that sheds light on the activities of the Duwamish Artist Residency. Developed by artists Sue Danielson and Fiona McGuigan in 2012, twelve studio artists gather every summer to work together over a period of eight days at various spots along the river. Members of the grou: Ethan Bickel, Chris Crites, Sue Danielson, Linda Davidson, Jessica Dodge, Emily Gherard, Robert Hardgrave, David Kane, Steve MacFarlane, Fiona McGuigan, Gene Gentry McMahon and Juliet Shen. Exhibition catalog available here (
February 22—March 31, 2014:

A Wetlands Affair

Drawings of the Union Bay Natural Area at the Elisabeth Miller Library, University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture
October 1–25, 2013:

Duwamish Residency Artists Exhibit

Group show of work by members of the Duwamish Residency at North Seattle Community College Art Gallery